Windows 10 users will be able to delete collected diagnostic data

Posted 08 February 2018 22:23 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

The latest Windows 10 Insider Build introduces a feature that allows users to delete diagnostic data that Microsoft collected about the system. Earlier we reported that the operating system would get an option that allows users to view data collected about their computer.

Windows 10 offers two levels for collecting diagnostic data, ‘default’ and ‘full’. In the ‘default’ level things like device, connectivity, configuration and limited error reports are sent to Microsoft. When the ‘full’ diagnostic reporting option is enabled, also additional device information, app and browser usage and handwritten and typed text fragments and much more are sent to the software giant.

Through the Diagnostic Data Viewer users can view the collected diagnostic data. From Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17093 it’s also possible to delete that data. Microsoft writes in a blog that users with a Microsoft Account can delete additional diagnostic data through the Microsoft Account Portal.

The new Insider build also renames the menu with security settings from Windows Defender to Windows Security. The option to view and delete diagnostic data will likely be rolled out to all Windows 10 users in the coming time.

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