Windows 10 will delay sleep mode for security updates

Posted 26 February 2018 23:21 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

To make sure Windows 10 computers don’t miss out any security updates, Microsoft has decided to prevent the system from going to sleep before it has been updated. The change will be added to the upcoming large update of Windows 10 that is scheduled for March this year.

Update Redstone 4 (RS4) will make Windows Update more “proactive” in keeping Windows 10 systems up-to-date, according to Microsoft in a blog.

“In RS4, now when Windows Update scans, downloads, and installs on a PC with AC power – it will prevent the PC from going to sleep when it is not in active use, for up to 2 hours when receiving an update in order to give Windows Update more opportunity to succeed”, the software giant writes in a blog.

The new feature is already available in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17107.

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