Windows 10 will use telemetry data to troubleshoot and automatically fix issues

Posted 22 October 2018 23:41 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Microsoft has announced it will start using Windows 10 telemetry data to help users with computer problems. Users with problems currently have to find the right troubleshooter to try to solve their issue. Troubleshooter is a tool in Windows in which users have to manually walk between different steps to resolve their issue.

In future Windows 10 versions, users should be able to automatically solve their issues. The improved troubleshooter uses diagnostic telemetry data collected by the system to diagnose computer issues. Based on that data, Windows 10 will detect the problem and provide a tailored set of fixes that are then automatically applied. Microsoft hasn’t provided any specifics on the information that is shared and used for this feature.

A setting for the new troubleshooter has been added to the latest Windows 10 Insider build but it can’t be used yet. Microsoft explains the feature is in development and will be enabled in future Insider builds. When, and if, the feature will be added to the production version of Windows 10 is unknown.

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