Windows 10 with Onedrive will soon automatically transfer infrequently used data to the cloud

With the upcoming Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Microsoft will focus on local storage with Storage Sense and OneDrive cloud storage. The difference between the cloud and local storage will become smaller. Storage Sense will remove old folders and files automatically.

Windows 10 with Onedrive will soon automatically transfer infrequently used data to the cloud



It won’t be long until Microsoft will release the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, which will bring many new features. One of those features is the tighter integration of Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive with Windows 10. With the new update it’s possible to automatically delete local copies of OneDrive files.

This will only happen to files that haven’t been marked as ‘always available’. All files which don’t have to be always available, will be managed by Windows 10. That means the OS will automatically decide which files are deleted, based on the user’s behavior and how long ago the file was last accessed.

Windows 10 will only free up space when the system is low on disk space. As long as there is sufficient disk space, Windows 10 will keep local copies of all OneDrive files. Files that are locally removed will appear to the user as if the file is still locally available through a placeholder. As soon as the user clicks the placeholder, OneDrive will download the file in the background and open it. This process would go almost unnoticeable to the user, according to Microsoft.

Besides the improved OneDrive integration, Storage Sense will also be updated. The tool automatically deleted temporarily or unnecessary files like log files and thumbnails. It can also automatically delete downloaded files after a certain period.

Someday, Storage Sense will replace the Disk Cleanup feature, as Microsoft explains, “the Disk Cleanup experience (“cleanmgr.exe”) is being deprecated. We’re retaining the Disk Cleanup tool for compatibility reasons. There’s no need to worry since Storage Sense’s functionality is a super set of what the legacy Disk Cleanup provides!”