Windows 8.2 brings back Start Menu as we know it

A Windows 8 update will bring back the start menu as we know it and allows Metro applications to run on the desktop. The information comes from the usually well informed Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrot.  The update to Microsoft’s latest OS should be version 8.2 and will be codenamed ‘Threshold’.




This Windows update should be a  wave of updates that will bring Windows 8.x, Windows Phone and Xbox One closer together from a user experience perspective. According to Thurrot this might be Microsoft’s attempt to make a consolidated OS.

And it seems Windows Threshold will bring back some features which Microsoft previously cancelled and was heavily criticized about.  After adding the Start Tip in Windows 8.1, the Start Menu as we know it from previous Windows versions, should return.

It will be available as an option on Windows versions that support the desktop. This means likely only on PCs currently running Windows 8 and not on Windows RT devices.

Another interesting change Thurrot claims will be in Windows 8.2 is the option to run Metro applications in separate Windows on the desktop. Currently the Metro apps run in Metro and users need to switch between the desktop and Metro to multitask. By allowing Metro applications to run in separate Windows it’s easier to multitask between the two interfaces.

So far Microsoft has not confirmed any of the information above but Thurrot has a track record of posting reliable Microsoft inside information.