Windows 8 RTM Multiple Activation Keys (MAK) leak on the web – KMS servers down

It’s interesting to monitor the enormous amount of piracy going on regarding Windows 8. Pirates have released Windows 8 RTM nearly directly after they became available to both Microsoft employees and to MSDN and Technet subscribers over the last two days. While downloads of the ISOs seem to be very popular according to the rankings of The Piratebay, there is one issue remaining. While you can download ISOs and start the installation it’s currently hardly possible to activate the pirated versions, rendering them pretty much useless.

Windows 8 RTM Multiple Activation Keys (MAK) leak on the web - KMS servers down

Over the last few days several illegal Key Management Servers (KMS) popped up, but at the moment these all seem to be down. The next hope for pirates are currently Multiple Activation Keys, which allow to activate up to 50 PC’ with a single key. At the moment we at Myce have spotted two of these keys out in the open. As we don’t want to encourage any piracy we will not post (nor allowing posting) of these keys. But we’ve spotted them on at least one big and famous Torrent site (see a screenshot of the site with proof here).

It’s unclear if Microsoft will be able to block these keys once activated. So far pirates have had little other luck in activating Windows 8, other than the few hundreds who were able to use the temporarily KMS servers. Some users are reverting to purchasing Technet subscriptions, however Microsoft has changed the terms, making it less interesting than with previous Windows versions.

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