Windows 8 sales roughly equal to Windows 7’s record after the first month

Windows 8 has been available to the general public for one month now, and contrary to many predictions, it is selling at a reasonably good pace.  Microsoft announced that 40 million copies of Windows 8 have been sold during this first month, which is comparable to the rate that Windows 7 had when it was first released.

Windows 8 sales roughly equal to Windows 7's record after the first month

One notable fact is that Windows 8 upgrades are being purchased at a faster rate than that seen for Windows 7.   A possible reason for this is  that Microsoft is offering the upgrade version of Windows 8 at a lower price than what was available for Windows 7.   Considering just the upgrade versions,  Windows 8 Pro is selling for less than the original, short term offer for Windows 7 Home when that operating system was first released.

Microsoft also announced that their Windows Store is expanding rapidly.  The number of apps in the Windows Store at launch date was higher than any other app store offering at their launch, and in the short few weeks since opening, the total number of apps has doubled.


You can read the short announcement at the Window’s blog.  And Peter Bright has a more comprehensive article at Ars Technica.