Windows 9 will be called Windows 10 – runs on mobile and desktop

Microsoft is currently holding a press conference where we expect to get more information about Windows 9, erhm Windows 10. We provide live coverage of this event (refresh to see latest entries). Summarized, Windows 10 will be an universal platform across all devices and will be designed based on a new design study called Continuum. This should make Windows 10 work well on touch and/or keyboard and mouse controlled devices.myce-windows-10

Windows 10 will also be the next version of Windows Phone (but without the desktop) and the OS will work on devices with screens ranging from 4″ to 10″. According to Microsoft Windows 10 will run from small devices up to Windows Azure (enterprise computing platform).


  • Windows 9 will be called Window 10
  • Windows 10 won’t be simply a desktop operating system, it will run on all kind of devices ranging from small to large
  • One store, one way for applications to be discovered, purchased, and updated across all of these devices
  • One product family, One Platform, One Store
  • Software demonstrated will be an early build
  • As expected the start menu is back
  • Windows Technical Preview Build 9841 is shown
  • Now showing “Universal search” which can be searched from the start menu and includes local and web results
  • Windows Store now showing the best classic and universal applications, will all also work with keyboard and mouse
  • Microsoft: With Windows 8 there was duality, a Metro app had a different environment, Windows 10 will end the duality
  • Windows 10 should empower novice users to get better at multitasking, taskbar gets “Task View” which shows currently open applications
  • As previously shown in leaked screenshots, the OS will have multiple desktops which allows applications to run in their own space
  • A feature called Snap Assist will show all applications open on all desktops
  • According to Microsoft it will be a great addition for Power Users and will increase productivity
  • w00t, you can now use CTRL+V in the command prompt, that’s Windows 10 people!
  • Charms bar will stay but change, Windows 10 won’t forget touch users
  • It looks more and more like Microsoft is going to leave Metro, but tries not to disappoint users who bought a touchscreen PC because of Windows 8
  • Microsoft will now show a design study: continuum
  • When you remove a mouse or keyboard, continuum will add a back button to the taskbar so you can navigate back in touch
  • The new start screen in touch mode looks different too. With application on the side and the Live Tiles as we’re used to. Much lighter blue background
  • Continuum has to be an UI that works on all kinds of devices
  • Microsoft will launch “Microsoft Insider” tomorrow, with a Technical Preview build for laptops and desktops
  • A Technical Preview for servers will follow later
  • Microsoft will share more with users than ever before and earlier than ever before. I guess Microsoft will launch faster and more often
  • Early next year Microsoft will reveal more about the consumer side of Windows 10
  • Windows 10 will ship later in 2015, so no October or November this year
  • No news on pricing

The conference ended with a questions and answers session, we’ve included interesting parts of that in the coverage above too. On this page you can keep an eye on the release of the Windows 10 Technical Preview.