Windows Live Mail 2012 crashes after mandatory update (with fix)

A mandatory update for Microsoft’s free email client Windows Live Mail 2012 causes the application to crash for many users. The update is required for users that want to continue to use Live Mail with and Hotmail.


(image credit: Wikipedia)

Previously Microsoft send out an email to Windows Live mail users that they should update the software because else it would no longer function with Microsoft’s email services. The mail also states that users of older version of Windows, should upgrade to Windows 10  and use built-in mail client for the best experience. It seems part of Microsoft’s fairly aggressive strategy of convincing users to switch to Windows 10. The company mentions that without the update users will no longer receive email in their Windows Live Mail 2012 application.

The update, named KB3093594, should have made sure users can continue to receive emails, is causing issues for many users instead. Users report the update itself breaks the ability to send and receive emails, renders the calendar useless or causes the program to crash.

On the Microsoft Forums, users have posted several solutions. One is to run the application in Windows 8 compatibility mode. This can be done by navigating to the Windows Live Mail 2012 folder and then right-click on wlmail.exe. Select Properties and on the Compatibility tab select ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for > Windows 8’. Apply the changes and the start the application as usual. It should work properly now.

Another possible is fix can be be performed by opening the command line and typing ‘Msiexec /package {B775C26B-EAA8-4A11-ACBF-76E52DF6B805} /uninstall {342DCD5D-5946-453B-97AC-D53B7662EDF5}’. This uninstalls the update. After the command completes a reboot is required. Then start Windows Live mail again and select repair in case the MSP wizard ask you to repair or remove.