Windows XP more vulnerable to malware

According to Microsoft’s latest Security Intelligence Report, Windows XP is six times more likely to be infected with malware than newer versions of Windows.  XP and newer operating systems like Windows 8 actually face similar types and numbers of viruses and malware, but the XP operating system is  much more vulnerable to these attacks.

Windows XP logo

The report also mentions an increase in operating system vulnerabilities this year, at a higher rate seen in the last report.  This is across all Microsoft operating systems.  But Microsoft also said:  “Overall, however, vulnerability disclosures remain significantly lower than they were prior to 2009, when totals of 3,500 disclosures or more per half-year period were not uncommon.”

The biggest problem comes with the vast number of computers still using XP.  When extended support ends in April, these computers will be at far more risk than they are now.  Microsoft will still support large businesses using XP, but it will require a premiere support contract at extra cost, and will only cover patches to new threats to the operating system.


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And you can download the security report from Microsoft here.