Woolpert Joins Forces with Data Cloud Solutions


In the move to capitalize on software development, artificial intelligence, consulting services, and cloud solutions, Woolpert has acquired the Ohio-based consulting firm for an undisclosed amount.

The geospatial and informational technology giant is expanding its market to broader cloud solutions services with the help of Data Cloud Solutions (DCS) LLC. Being an industry leader itself, the software-as-a-service provider manages larger volumes of data from private and government sector clients.


By offering integrated CAMA solutions, Data Cloud Solutions was able to synchronize all services into a working system, provide data analytics, and create mobile software solutions in one. DCS is able to collect and review data, change detection, and streamline processes in one platform.

Woolpert Data Cloud Solutions

Joining forces with Woolpert means extending the business and offering integrated and complete tech and data storage services to clients. With certain and specialized expertise in different areas, the two companies can benefit from one another.


DCS CEO Daniel Anderson said the company chose to join Woolpert to ‘gain dimension’ and to reach better additional markets. This includes the support for the natural disaster response and building more concrete code enforcement.

“I look forward to further exploring Woolpert’s products and services, like lidar and georectified imagery, subsurface utility engineering, unmanned aircraft systems, and tech consulting services,” said Anderson.

Synchronize Customer Support

DCS also aspires to develop new and more products and services to improve its customer service and overall portfolio. The existing real property assessment isn’t the end of the innovation, and the company is planning to leverage on technology and experience, which Woolpert share the same vision.

“This merger provides us with greater resources and greater access to leading experts in the geospatial field, while strengthening our business development pipeline and helping us be quicker to market,” said Anderson.

Meanwhile, Woolpert is also excited to see what’s in store for clients after the merger’s complete. Vice President Jon Downey said DCS shares Woolpert’s focus on developing innovative tools, products, and services, in order to address client needs.

DCS’ data visualization specialty also provides benefit to data awareness, leading the roadmap to support many industries. The extensive research and development resources plus staff expertise can help Woolpert as a whole.

The two companies will continue to offer leading software and data services to support different types of businesses and even governmental-related processes. DCS employees will be part of Woolpert to strengthen its customer service.