WZOR back home – website and Twitter profile active again

The Russian hacker group WZOR appears to be back on their old website and Twitter account. The Twitter account and website which the group used to post new announcements appeared to be deleted in March this year, but now show content again.

The Twitter account is now protected and only available to followers. The old website shows no entries but the profile page of the website shows that likely all previous posts are still intact.


In March we reported that although WZOR disappeared from the web it likely wasn’t due to actions of authorities. The wzor.net made sign of being seized and when trying to register the WZorNET Twitter account it was impossible, indicating the account wasn’t deleted.

The disappearance was likely a precaution after American authorities arrested a former Microsoft employee for leaking Microsoft software. While insiders told us  the arrested employee was not related to WZOR, the event likely scared the group and made them decide to go underground.

Although WZOR now appears to be back on its old ‘homes’, the group previously reported it has become harder to leak information and early versions of Microsoft products. The company has increased security methods to avoid more leaks.