WZOR makes Office 2013 Pro with SP1 available to pirates

Russian hackgroup WZOR continues with their seemingly ongoing quest to release Microsoft products, by releasing Office 2013 Professional with Service Pack 1 to torrent sites. The group is best known for leaking early versions of Windows and Windows updates, but often also releases finished products.


Yesterday Microsoft released new Office 2013 packages on MSDN and it didn’t take long before WZOR uploaded them to pirate sites. Microsoft released the following products, in both x86 and x64 versions to MSDN subscribers:

  • Office Professional Plus 2013 with SP1
  • Office Web Apps Server 2013 with SP1
  • Visio Professional 2013 with SP1
  • Project Professional 2013 with SP1
  • Project Server 2013 with SP1
  • SharePoint Server 2013 with SP1

Although the images of these products can be downloaded, they still need to be activated. Once Windows 8.1 is installed activating pirated versions of Office 2013 has become harder as the update to Windows 8 introduced a new Key Management Server (KMS).

Previously Microsoft was criticized for their Office 2013 licensing policy, the company allowed only 1 license tied to a PC. If the PC would break down, one would need to purchase a new license. Due to the criticism Microsoft  changed the policy to allow usage of a license on one computer. Meaning in case a PC breaks down, Office can be installed on the new PC.