WZOR: PC manufacturers unhappy with Microsoft’s Windows 9 plans

The Russian group or individual that leaks confidential Microsoft information today reports that hardware manufacturers are unhappy with the fact that Microsoft plans to start sales of Windows 9 after Christmas and News Years. The reason is that it’s traditionally a slow season.


Some Asian OEMs are so negative about Microsoft’s plans that they will likely lower production of Windows PCs and tablets, according to WZOR.  Microsoft is in talks with the PC manufacturers about a possible solution. One possible solution would be to pre-load new PCs , sold before Christmas, with Windows 8.1 and offer a free upgrade to Windows 9.

However that doesn’t appear to be solution of choice by hardware vendors, WZOR states that many OEMs are willing to pre install the Windows  9 pre-release version (RTM Escrow) hoping for higher sales numbers during Christmas.