WZOR shows working Windows 8 key generator

The Russian hackgroup WZOR has posted screenshots of a working key generator for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. A key generator (or keygen) makes it possible to activate pirated copies. According to WZOR their generator is able produce all kinds of keys.



On its website WZOR writes (translated from Russian with Bing Translate),  ‘The generator produces as volume keys (Volume) of various types, which are activated through KMS service, and other types of keys for all editions of the systems presented throughout the SKU – Stock Keeping Unit. This and the Evalution, Retail, OEM keys, as well as “exotic” VT: IA. For OEM, Retail keys, you will need to check all the options for activating. Anticipate the question, will this creation in public access, probably yes, but not now, and obviously in a modified form”

In the past it was possible to generate keys for Windows versions which would make them legal versions. With newer Windows versions this became harder and Microsoft now checks entered keys against a database of keys. This means that a valid key not only has to be according a proprietary hashing algorithm but that the key also has to be marked as being ‘handed out’ by Microsoft. 

What this key generator will actually do, will remain a question until WZOR releases it.