WZOR teases more Windows 10 screenshots – build 10036

Russian hacker group WZOR has again teased some screenshots of two unreleased versions of Windows 10 today. Both Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview and Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview build 10036 are in the hands of the Russians.

Below first Windows 10 Enterprise, you’ll notice how WZOR has picked a rather dandy colored theme. Despite the fact that it clearly showcases transparency in Windows 10, the screenshots don’t reveal anything else new. More screenshots can be found on the WZOR website here.



Next is Windows 10 Pro, WZOR also picked a green theme here. The same transparency of the Start Menu can be seen here as well. More screenshots of this version can also be found on the WZOR website.



Despite the little changes in these builds, it’s expected that Microsoft will soon release a new build to Windows Insiders. Gabriel Aul, who mainly communicates with Insider subscribers has stated that Microsoft is testing a build. Unfortunately this build seems to be affected by a bug that has blocked its release.


WZOR has stated the group will likely release the build to the internet the coming hours.


The group has a history of releasing unreleased versions of Windows on pirate websites, it’s likely Windows 10 build 10036 will hit torrent sites the next couple of hours.