Xbox 360 Slim hacked to support backup disc playback

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim game console has been successfully hacked to support backup disc playback, with Team Xecuter claiming they’ve developed the latest hack with the help of two other groups.

The new DVD Rom patch was created by Team Xecuter, Team Jungle and C4E, which collectively worked on the project for a few weeks.  It hasn’t been released to the public yet while the patch is being finalized, but a release is expected soon.

Xbox 360 Slim hacked to support backup disc playback

Team Xecuter is expected to release more information about the upcoming patch as development nears completion — the group aims to make the patch easy, allowing for gamers interested in playing backup copies of their games a hassle free solution.

A YouTube video and more details can be found on the Team Xecuter website.

Be aware that Microsoft has banned modded and hacked Xbox 360 game consoles from Xbox Live in the past — and will likely ban hacked Xbox 360 Slim models if it can figure out how to do so.  There is a major threat of game piracy and Microsoft wants to protect the game console and partner studios from piracy as best as it can.

The Xbox 360 Slim was met with applause from Microsoft gaming fans, as the Xbox 360 and rival Sony PlayStation 3 make up ground on the industry-leading Nintendo Wii game console.  Microsoft left behind the infamous Red Ring of Death in favor of the new red dot of death, but it’s unknown how many gamers have actually suffered from the new red dotted hardware failure.

Since its release, the Xbox 360 Slim took over control of the console market in July, and has increased its lead over the PS3 by 350,000 units.