Xbox One update adds external HDD support – find friends by real name

The Xbox One will get an update next month which adds support for external HDDs to Microsoft’s latest console. The update will also make it possible to find friends by their real name. The information comes from Microsoft employee Harry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson.


After the update it’s possible to connect two external HDDs of 256GB or larger to the Xbox One using the USB 3.0 port. After the disk is formatted, it can be used to store games, apps and add-ons. Users can also connect the HDD to another Xbox One and once logged in to the Xbox Live account it’s possible to access the data on the HDD again.

This feature enables gamers to play games fully stored on the HDD on Xbox One’s of friends without downloading the game again.

Besides that, the update will make it possible to find friends on Xbox Live by their real name. Previously it was only possible to find friends by their gamertag. Users don’t have to fear for their privacy, the real name isn’t used in games and isn’t mandatory.