Xerox Hit by Maze Ransomware, Operators Claim


American business giant Xerox is alleged to have been victimized by Maze Ransomware after operators included the name of the company on their leak site.

According to Bleeping Computer, Maze’s operators updated their list of victims on June 24, adding Xerox to the list. To date, the business giant hasn’t yet responded to the claim, but many believe that the hack is legitimate after attackers provided screenshots suggesting that computers of at least one Xerox domain have been encrypted.


“Just like previous posts from Maze, the one for Xerox lacks any details about the attack except for proof of the breach and of encrypting the company’s systems,” Bleeping Computer noted.

Xerox Hit by Maze Ransomware

Overall, 10 screenshots were shared by the attackers, showing directory listings from June 24 and 25, along with other information. One image also shows that hosts had been compromised.


“While the domain reveals that Maze ransomware breached a Xerox branch in Europe, the names of the hosts hint that it’s the one in London,” the report explained.

“Another screenshot of a desktop screen with the Xerox brand name shows the ransom note dropped by the attacker, who threatened to publish information from the breach if the company did not contact them in three days,” it added.

Specifically, attackers claimed to have breached Xerox’s network and stolen more than 100GB of files from the company. Operators also threatened to publish the stolen files if Xerox refuses to cooperate and respond to the ransom.

“After the payment the data will be removed from our disks and decryptor will be given to you, so you can restore all your files,” the hackers wrote on a ransom note.

Founded in 1906, Xerox works as a pioneer of document management technology. Among the products they distribute include printers, photocopiers, multi-function peripherals (MFP), and more.  To date, the company stands as a major corporation with a presence in at least 160 countries worldwide. According to Bleeping Computer, it recorded over $1.8 billion in revenue in Q1 2020 and is currently housing about 27,000 employees across the globe.

The recent incident makes Xerox the latest addition to the list of major companies that have been victimized by operators of Maze ransomware. Other business giants that have been recently hit by the hacking group included LG Electronics, MaxLinear, and Cognizant.