Yellowbrick Partners with Nexla for Intercompany Collaboration Platform

Catering to the growing need for seamless cloud collaboration, Yellowbrick Data announced its partnership with Nexla for intercompany data platform.

The hybrid cloud data firm Yellowbrick tandems with Nexla to build a platform where customers, suppliers, and third-party providers can work together. This platform will support massive data across a variety of enterprises, including applications.

With a collaborative environment and features, the platform easily integrates data from different entities, supporting macroeconomic data vendors and intelligence firms. Part of the partnership between Nexla and Yellowbrick is creating technical certifications and performance tuning.

Yellowbrick Partners with Nexla

Faster Data Insights

Nexla has been working on a data collaboration platform to ensure the safety of company information crucial for operations. The company focuses on the seamless integration of data, better management, and monitors data flow from the cloud.

More than data management, Nexla is also engaged in building scalable data operations platform to manage inter-company data collaboration, real-time. This is what Yellowbrick is looking at when it decided to work alongside Nexla.

According to Yellowbrick vice president of business development Allen Holmes, “Nexla focuses on data collaboration among a company and all its various partners and has developed a solution that is both highly scalable and highly secure.”

Holmes added that Yellowbrick’s flexible hybrid cloud data warehouse helps companies gain insights faster from data sets critical to business operations. This only means, while Nexla has a collaborative platform at hand, Yellowbrick’s technology allows us to gain insights from massive data.

Optimize Business Outcomes

Nexla pushes to create scalable, repeatable, and predictable data flows for seamless collaboration between different enterprises. Now, with Yellowbrick, the two companies are pushing to discover and integrate sets of data from internal systems to the data warehouse for optimized business outcomes.

Engineers can easily help data users, all the while, automating the operations. These experts collaborate with companies to deploy APIs and improve the ecosystem in the data warehouse.

Nexla CEO Saket Saurabh said, “Yellowbrick is an ideal partner for us and our customers, who know that today, data is a key driver of innovation and only by leading with data insights can they survive and thrive in these challenging and competitive times.”

For Nexla, Yellowbrick’s hybrid cloud expertise is perfect to match the company’s scalable and secure solution for intercompany data collaboration. “Enterprises using us both together can gain better insights faster and act on them to optimize their business outcomes,” said Saurabh.