YouTube Launches New Audio Ad Format for Music Fans

Social networking site YouTube announced its new audio ad format on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, via a blog post. Based on its new ad products, the company is geared towards helping marketers reach individuals who are fans of listening rather than viewing.

Called audio ads, this format is “designed to connect your brand with audiences in engaged and ambient listening on YouTube.” This is reportedly targeted towards individuals who intend to “catch up on a podcast or listen to a virtual concert on a Friday night,” said the social media giant.

In particular, these advertisements are made for audiences or app users who are not viewing their screens altogether or those who rarely take a look at the screen. In an attempt to explain the service, YouTube said, “Think: If I close my eyes, I can still clearly understand what this ad is about.”

YouTube Launches New Audio Ad

While these advertisements will not be on an audio-only platform, the audio aspect will do more for the campaign rather than rely solely on visuals. According to the firm’s blog post, the visual aspect will simply be an animation or an image of sorts.

As of writing, YouTube’s audio ads is still in its beta testing phase. It is available via auction on Google Ads and Display & Video 360 with the same pricing and targetting options such as video campaigns.

Based on the company’s research, around 75% of audio-based campaigns launched on the platform experienced a boost in brand awareness, states Tech Crunch.

One of the brands that experienced this is Shutterfly. Shutterfly reportedly experienced a 14% rise in its ad recall and 2% towards the overall favorability of the audience thanks to this format.

Based on the article written by Variety, the audio ads to be launched on its site will start from 15-second creations.

Apart from audio ads, YouTube also launched dynamic music lineups, a program that allows music companies and channels to make targeted ad campaigns via music channels, shares Tech Crunch. Marketers who choose to launch campaigns can now focus on certain genres or areas of interest.

In an interview by Variety with YouTube global head of music Lyor Cohen, the executive states that the push for audio advertisement format comes as more and more artists are exploring getting revenues from advertisements, particularly those from the music industry, states Variety.

Cohen said, “Subscription revenue is important, and now [music companies] understand the advertising opportunity. They love that we’re building muscle on both sides.”