YouTube will get more unskippable video ads

Posted 28 August 2018 17:44 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

YouTube will soon allow a larger group of content producers to add advertisements to the videos on their channel that can’t be skipped. The new advertisement option will soon become available to all video creators that take part in the YouTube partner program.

Google announced the unskippable video ads on its own video channel for professional video producers. With the YouTube partner program, the company offers content producers the possibility to earn money with their videos. Since January this year, video creators can only earn money if their channel has more than a thousand subscribers and all videos combined have to be watched at least four-thousand hours in the last year.

YouTube stresses that previously added advertisements in videos are automatically changed to advertisements that can’t be skipped, unless the creator of the video changes it manually.

Previously, unskippable video ads were only available to handful of well-known YouTubers. From now, all participants of the YouTube partner program can enable them. Google states on its website that unskippable video ads can have a maximum duration of 15-20 seconds.

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