Youtube working on ad-free paid subcription service

Youtube is working on offering monthly subscriptions that allow the site to be viewed without advertisements. The video platform has mailed the news to Youtube creators. It’s unclear what the ad- free subscription to the service will cost.


In a letter to Youtube video creators, also sent to our editor Bav0, the platform writes it will provide users an advertisement free service in exchange for a monthly subscription. The revenues Youtube generates with the subscriptions are shared with creators, according to the letter.

It’s already been rumored for a while that Youtube is working on a paid video streaming service. It’s unclear whether the subscription service announced today is actually the rumored plan. It’s also unclear whether paid subscribers get access to videos that are not available in the free, advertisement supported, Youtube version.

In the email to video creators, Youtube states that they have to agree with updated terms before their videos will be offered through the subscription service. It’s unclear when Youtube will start to offer paid plans to end-users.

Previously Youtube already announced Music Key, a service that allows users to listen to unlimited songs, both advertising free and offline for $10 a month.