10 Cheap Countries in Europe to Travel To

Traveling is one of the most wholesome learning experiences for an individual. The joy of discovering new places, interacting with strangers from diverse cultures, and tasting the delicious cuisines is simply unparalleled. 

And one destination that remains intriguingly popular among travel enthusiasts is Europe! Enriched with a wide assortment of cultures and traditions, authentic cuisines, and wines, Europe invites travelers for an enthralling trip that bids you memories for a lifetime.

However, budget is always a determining factor that comes into play while planning such exotic vacations. Therefore, we have curated a list of ten cheap countries in Europe to travel to when you are on a budget. Read on to learn more.

10 Cheap Countries in Europe to Travel To
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Estonia has some of the most scenic coastlines in Europe where you can spend some quality time in serenity. Furthermore, the architecture is a pleasing amalgamation of modern and Gothic. There are many picturesque locations for you to explore. 

Czech Republic

Full of affordable lodging options and commute systems, the Czech Republic is a great place to visit if you are looking for a budget-friendly summer vacation. There are ancient chapels and magnificent buildings that immerse you in the rich and varied history of the country.


The standout attraction of Portugal is its cuisine, wherein unlike other European countries, there are a number of vegetarian delicacies as well. Furthermore, it is a popular destination among graffiti enthusiasts as the streets are filled with colorful art celebrating the rich culture of the country.


Known for its 18th-century forts and chapels, Slovenia is a beautiful country that offers a chance to explore lush green sceneries at an affordable price. You can opt to cycle or walk through the streets and enjoy the beauties of the Julian Alps.


With quaint cafés and traditional architecture, Croatia is another budget-friendly picturesque location that you can look to explore. Moreover, if you are into performing arts, you will enjoy the quirky street plays and theatre shows that showcase the Croatian culture. 


If you are a history enthusiast, you would be aware of the relevance of Greece. It has some of the wonders of the ancient world and narrates a tale of rich heritage. 

Home to the world’s first theatre and a place of great mythological stories, Greece should feature in your travel bucket list if you are seeking for a pocket-friendly vacation


A serene island nation located in Mediterranean Europe, Malta is a pristine location where you can spend a pocket-friendly summer vacation. There are several small islands around Malta offering tranquil views that you can look to enjoy during your visit. 


The main reason why Romania continues to remain a cheap holiday destination is the fact that it does not receive a lot of tourist footfall. 

Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to explore the undiscovered wonders of this beautiful country. That’s not all; lodging, food, and travel are available at tourist-friendly prices to promote the tourism industry. 


Rich in ancient European history and culture, Bulgaria is one of the best travel destinations for individuals interested in learning about old towns and their festivities. 

Even better, the country is famous for its lip-smacking cuisines and classy wines. Additionally, you can enjoy the traditional festivities, if you visit the country during summers. 


10 Cheap Countries in Europe to Travel To


Once plagued with devastating wars, Poland has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, especially among history enthusiasts. 

Every street in the country narrates the tales of war, and you can even interact with the friendly locals to learn more. Furthermore, Polish cuisine is known for its extravagant flavors, and you should try some local delicacies during your visit. 

The Bottom Line

There are several undiscovered and unconventional places in Europe that you can visit without the trip being too heavy on your pocket. However, you must ensure that you do some research before making the final bookings to receive the best deals.