7 Water Curiosities You Won’t Believe

Be it taking a bath or washing your clothes, your car, or your house. Water is essential to everything we do. But, how much do you know about water? Well, there are some facts that may shock you. 

Of course, that you use water on almost a daily basis you’d expect to know everything about it, but there are things you may not know. For example, do you have any idea how much free water is trapped in glaciers? 

To find out more about water, and about some of the facts about it that you probably didn’t know about before. Then, you should continue reading. 

7 Water Curiosities You Won't Believe
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How Much Water the U.S. Uses 

The U.S. alone, among all other countries in the world, uses approximately 400 billion gallons of water. That doesn’t take into account that around 36 million gallons of water in the U.S. is wasted annually through the New York water supply alone. 

How Many Gallons of Water Are Required to Grow Food for a Family 

For an average family, assuming that they are all healthy, would require at least 6800 gallons of water to use in a day. The figure stands at around 780 million people not having access to an improved water source. 

70% of the World Is Water

Around 97% of the global water is salty. NASA also estimates that only 0.03 percent of the water comes from lakes, rivers, etc. and the rest of the water on earth is trapped in glaciers while others are also trapped in the ground. 

How Much Water a Toilet Can Waste

A toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day. If it’s for a huge number of users then the number can go upwards of around 1000 gallons plus, and that’s in a single day. 

This, however, doesn’t take into account the economic implications for poor sanitization. It is estimated that poor sanitization or the lack of it all together can see losses of up to $260 billion on an annual basis. So, the lack of proper sanitization is much deadly as the amount of water that is wasted on toilets. 

The Human Body and Water

The average human body is majorly made up of water with other parts consisting of structures such as bones and skin. In fact, the human body is around 50 – 65% water. The average for a baby can go even higher with scientist saying that a newborn baby’s body is around 78 percent water

How Much Water Swimming Pools Lose

An estimate shows that around 1000 gallons of swimming pool water is lost due to evaporation per month. That’s for every swimming pool that you see all around. That’s roughly around 3800 liters of water that is lost by swimming pools. 

A Bath or Shower

7 Water Curiosities You Won't Believe


When you take a bath, that’s assuming you’re using a bath tab, that will average your use of water to around 70 gallons per bath. That’s on the high side because the average body doesn’t need to use that much water to be cleaned. 

If you take into account that spending at least 5 minutes in the shower consumes less water. In fact, if you have a 5-minute shower, you will averagely spend at least 10 – 25 gallons of water. 

See, if you take a 5-minute shower, you will save at least 50 gallons of water per shower that you take, as opposed to when you fill the tub. 


Water is a huge part of life on earth. And to think that there are millions of gallons of water that are wasted across the globe on a daily basis, while others have no access. Water is powerful.