Cinematize 2 Pro Review


Cinematize 2 Pro Review


Cinematize 2 Pro Review Review: Cinematize 2 Pro
Reviewer: Womble
Provided By: Miraizon
Review Date: November 2006


Cinematize 2 Pro has been designed so that you can easily take video, audio and still images from a DVD and put them into a webpage, a presentation, your iPod or just about whatever else you can think of to do with them.


Company Information:

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley – San Jose, California, Miraizon was formed to deliver innovative, fun, and easy-to-use digital media software products to consumers. The company now offers two lines of products: Cinematize 2 and Cinematize 2 Pro. Cinematize 2 is a highly acclaimed DVD Movie Clip Extractor that has been used by tens of thousands of users from over 60 countries including both professionals and amateurs. From major Hollywood movie studios and TV networks to top art schools and advertising agencies, Cinematize 2 has an impressive list of customers. Cinematize 2 Pro is a new addition to the Cinematize 2 product family. It is the Ultimate DVD Re-Editing tool, making virtually any piece of an existing DVD available as source material for new DVD projects. Miraizon plans to introduce many more such useful products in the future.


Cinematize 2 Pro Review

The company name, Miraizon, is a combination of the Japanese word Mirai, which means future, and the English word horizon. Miraizon’s goal is to bring the future a step closer to you by introducing cutting-edge products.

Program Features:

Cinematize 2 gives your DVD collection a new life by turning it into a library full of exciting multimedia content. Now you can:

  • Create a new DVD with your favourite movie scenes
  • Watch movies or movie clips on your video iPod
  • Edit your recorded TV programs
  • Incorporate DVD movie clips into your presentations
  • Create high-quality still pictures from DVD movies
  • Share your home DVD movie clips on the web
  • Extract video alone and add your favourite music
  • Extract audio alone and burn it to a CD, or listen to it in iTunes or on your iPod
  • and much more!


Cinematize 2 Pro Review


In Miraizon’s Own Words:

Cinematize 2 Pro is the Ultimate DVD RE-Editing tool that lets you extract any piece of a DVD, be it an audio track, a video track, a subtitle, or a piece from a menu for reuse in your new DVD projects. Expand your possibilities with powerful Pro features including multi-channel audio extraction, subtitle decoding to QuickTime and images, and custom QuickTime output configuration. Enhance your productivity with batch segment extraction and the ability to save setting presets. Enjoy higher performance with enhanced acceleration and Universal Binary support on Intel Mac machines.

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