LG GSA-H22N Super Multi DVD Burner Review



  • Record-breaking 18x single-layer DVD burn times of just over five minutes
  • Excellent 16x single-layer DVD burn times, on par with other drives’ 18x burn times
  • Solid writing quality on nearly all media we tested
  • Bitsetting support for DVD+R and DVD+R DL media (booktype DVD-ROM) improves readability of discs
  • Complete DVD-RAM support, up to full 12x speed
  • Short lead-in and lead-out times, resulting in faster burns
  • Very fast 48x CD-R and 32x CD-RW writing
  • Fast 16x reading of recorded DVD+R and DVD-R discs
  • Fast 12x reading of recorded DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL discs
  • A "two sheep" writer



  • Disc quality (C1/C2, PI/PO) scanning is not supported
  • No bitsetting support for DVD+RW media
  • Slow 8x reading of single- and double-layer DVD-Video discs
  • Somewhat slow 4x-8x Z-CLV DVD strategy leads to nine-minute burn times with 8x-rated media
  • Many rewritable media (CD-RW and DVD±RW) burns are of questionable quality



LG GSA-H22N Super Multi DVD Burner Review

We are quite happy with this drive’s performance. LG GSA-H22N’s positives outweigh its negatives.

Let us summarize the most important positive and negative points below:

The main positive points: The LG GSA-H22N is a Super Multi DVD burner supporting nine types of DVD and CD media: DVD+R/RW/DL, DVD-R/RW/DL, DVD-RAM, and CD-R/RW.

High-speed 16x and 18x DVD+R and DVD-R writing works very well and produces discs of very good quality, in record time.

48x CD-R writing is equally fast, with very good disc quality as well.

Ultra DMA Mode 4 allows the LG GSA-H22N to reach data transfer speeds needed to reliably work at 18x speed. Thanks to Ultra DMA Mode 4, this drive is well suited for external enclosures, where it easily reaches 16x DVD burning speed.

The main negative points: There are some areas where we would like to see improvements.

DVD-Video extraction at 8x speed is slow compared to other drives.

Burn quality needs to be improved for rewritable media, both CD-RW and DVD±RW.

It would be good to have a black front panel included in the retail package for customers with black computer cases.

The absence of disc quality (C1/C1, PI/PO) scanning is typical for LG drives, but, frankly, it may not be an important feature with the LG GSA-H22N as the drive hasn’t produced a single coaster in any of our tests.

Final thoughts: It is easy to like the LG GSA-H22N.

18x burning is the fastest of all drives we have tested to date, easily beating the previous record set by another LG drive, the GSA-4163B, in early 2005. 18x DVD burning times are just a few seconds above the five-minute mark. 16x DVD burning is quite fast as well, at around 5 minutes and 40 seconds, and even 12x DVD burns take only six minutes.

The LG GSA-H22N is surprisingly smooth, considering that discs are rotating at 10,500 RPM (or 175 revolutions per second) during 18x burning. Vibration in our GSA-H22N drive is well contained, and the sound emitted by the drive at maximum speed – the air rushing inside and the hum of the high-speed motor – is quite subdued compared to other 18x burners.

To sum it up: "LG GSA-H22N is a solid performer and an excellent choice for reliable CD and DVD burning at record speeds. We highly recommend it."

At the time of this review (December 2006), our CD Freaks price grabber page shows that the LG GSA-H22N is available from many U.S. online stores and is priced as low as $30.99: LG GSA-H22NK (black OEM version) and LG GSA-H22NB (beige OEM version).

A search of European prices using Geizhals-Preisvergleich shows that the LG GSA-H22N is available in Europe for as little as €28,65.

And, according to a Japanese price search site, kakaku.com, the LG GSA-H22N sells for at least ¥5680 in Japan.

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LG GSA-H22N Super Multi DVD Burner Review

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LG GSA-H22N Super Multi DVD Burner Review

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LG GSA-H22N Super Multi DVD Burner Review

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LG GSA-H22N Super Multi DVD Burner Review

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LG GSA-H22N Super Multi DVD Burner Review

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LG GSA-H22N Super Multi DVD Burner Review

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