New CloneCD v4.0



CloneCD Read to ImageFile
Let’s have a look at the first CloneCD button: Read to ImageFile. After pressing this button you will get a new screen
where you can choose the desired device for reading. On the left of the screen you can choose the device, on the right
of the screen the device capabilities will be mentioned. Same as always. After selecting our desired reader we get to
see the new CloneCD interface:


CloneCD CD-Reader to ImageFile

Hey? Where have all the options gone to? Well as you can see CloneCD has undergone some radical changes here. It now
focuses more on the use of Profiles and the advanced settings are now ‘hidden’. This was done to make CloneCD easier
to use and you can now just select the type of disc you’re trying to read:

  • Audio CD
  • Data CD
  • Game CD
  • Multimedia Audio CD

After selecting the type of disc you can just press the ‘Next’ button. Before we do that we will of course first show
you where the advanced options have gone to and how you can use the Profiles. When right clicking on one of the Profiles
you get the following options:


CloneCD Profile options

  • New : Creates a new Profile.
  • Edit … : This will take you to the advanced settings.
  • Copy : Copy the current Profile.
  • Rename : Rename the current Profile.
  • Delete : Remove the current Profile.

All options are pretty self-explaining. You can modify existing Profiles, create new ones and remove them. The ‘Edit …’
option will take you to the advanced settings of the current Profile:

CloneCD advanced settings - Data Read Settings

As you can see the advanced options have now been divided into three sections: ‘Data Read Settings’, ‘Audio Read
Settings’ and ‘Error Handling’. The ‘Data Read Settings’ let’s you set the read speed for data disc and gives you the
option to read SubChannel Data or not.

CloneCD advanced settings - Audio Read Settings

The ‘Audio Read Settings’ let’s you set the read speed for audio discs. Besides that you can select the ‘Audio Extraction
Quality’ which will help you get better quality when extracting audio discs. This feature is currently still being

With the last two options you can choose if you want to read SubChannel Data and select another new option: ‘Only read
the first Session’. We think this option will help to back-up multisession discs like audio+data. In this case only the
audio part will be extracted and the (possibly protected) data part will be left alone.

CloneCD advanced settings - Error Handling

We have another settings here which deals with the way CloneCD should handle errors present on the disc. A simple
Off, On or Automatic setting:

The ‘Automatic’ setting which is enabled by default will switch the ‘Fast Error Skip’ option on and off automatically
depending on the contents of the media. This will help users back-up disc with the SafeDisc protection for example:

CloneCD Error Handling - Automatic FES

If a number of good sectors are read, the ‘Fast Error Skip’ option will be switched off again automatically (and an
event will be written in the CloneCD Log). This greatly eases the use of CloneCD, and the quality of the copy increases
dramatically. In a nutshell: leave it to automatic all the time, and you’ll be happy.

The ‘Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner’ is still present and the other two options (‘Abort on Read Error’ and ‘Don’t
report read errors’) are also familiar.

After checking the advanced settings we can continue to read a normal data disc:

CloneCD reading data disc