Pioneer DVR-111 DVD Burner Review




The Pioneer DVR-111 is a
so-called Multi drive, meaning it also supports the DVD-RAM format.

This drive is one of few
drives that also supports the DVD-RAM format, lets us look at the recording side
of the disc, and as you can see it has differences from the other DVD+R/W/R9 DL
and DVD-R/W discs.


We can see a very
fascinating pattern of darker spots. These tick marks are “address information”
(“Pre-mastered Pit Header Field”) which are embedded onto the disc.
This is header information in
front of data sector area, and is the same format as HDD and MO.

A DVD-RAM’s disc can be
formatted in the following formats:

  • FAT32
  • UDF 1.02
  • UDF 1.50
  • UDF 2.00
  • UDF 2.01
  • UDF 2.50

By formatting a DVD-RAM
disc with FAT32 it will act like a removable hard drive and all writing will be
done as ‘background processes”. Meaning you do not have to wait for it to
finish, you can start or work with other applications while the DVD-RAM is
working without noticing any ‘hangs” or CPU slowdowns.

Lets us take a look at
the media we are going to use in these tests:

Maxell branded 5x media
manufactured by Maxell

Panasonic 2x media manufactured by

As we can see, the Maxell
media is rated at 5x and the Panasonic media is rated at 2x.

Now let’s see how DVD-RAM
media is written and read by the Pioneer DVR-111 drive.

Maxell 5x without verification

Maxell 5x with verification

Panasonic 2x write without verification

For those of you who are
not familiar with DVD-RAM, you may probably think that something went wrong
during the write process with the verification turned on, since the 5x
media was written at 2x. But not to worry, that is pretty normal for DVD-RAM
discs, the reason for the ‘low” speed is, the drive constantly reads back the
data after writing it to verify that it’s written correctly. We can also call it
a ‘bullet proof” writing/verify technique, with no data loss/errors.

DVD-RAM has error
correction, but also has error replacement to spare sectors as a “defect
management” function. This gives higher reliability than other DVD

Another advantage with
DVD-RAM is that the discs can be formatted/erased/written at over 100.000 times
before it will/can cause/report any errors. Let’s try to read back the 2 discs
that we wrote:

Maxell DVD-RAM

Panasonic DVD-RAM

As we can see, the
Pioneer DVR-111 also reads DVD-RAM using a fast CLV reading method, but reads
the disc at its rated write speed, meaning our 5x media was read at 5x and our
2x media was read at 2x. The Pioneer DVR-111 had no problems in reading our two
test discs.

We will now run a disc
quality scan on our burned media using the Lite-On SHM-165P6S and CD-Speed
version 4.50. We should mention that this should not be necessary under normal
use of DVD-RAM media, as the drive will automatically check the disc for errors
as it writes.


Let’s head over to the next
page for some advanced tests….