Sony DRX-S70U Review


Reading performance

For these tests we will use Nero CD/DVD-Speed to read various CD and DVD’s, including audio discs and DVD-media.  As already mentioned in the introduction, this drive supports:

  • DVD-ROM : 8X
  • CD-R/ROM : 24X

Pressed discs:

For this test we used an original pressed CD-ROM disc containing about 73 minutes in length.

Sony DRX-S70U Review

The Sony DRX-S70U reached 23.78x.

CD-Recordable Discs:

Sony DRX-S70U Review

The Sony DRX-S70U reached a read speed of 25.32X.

CD Re-writable discs:

Sony DRX-S70U Review

With this media the Sony DRX-S70U reached a speed of 25.32X.

Audio – Digital Audio Extraction:

To test the digital audio extraction performance of the Sony DRX-S70U, again we used Nero CD-DVD Speed to measure the transfer rate. The audio disc we used is about 74 minutes in length.

Sony DRX-S70U Review

Here the Sony DRX-S70U reached 24.56X speed.

Advanced audio – DAE quality test:

For this test we used the “Advanced DAE Quality Test” feature in Nero CD-DVD Speed. The CD-R media we used is a 40x certified Memorex Music CD-R made by Ritek. (Thanks to Memorex USA for sending us this media.)

Sony DRX-S70U Review

Sony DRX-S70U Review

The extracting should support on-the-fly copying upto 10X speed, however it can not read data from the Lead-in and Lead-out.  

DVD reading performance:

Again, we will use Nero CD-Speed to measure the reading performance, this time for various types of DVD discs. The drive should read pressed single layer DVD-discs at 8X.

DVD – DVD-Video:

For our DVD reading performance tests we are going to start with a single and Double Layered DVD video discs. While only 1X speed is required to watch DVD movies, it’s useful to be able to read the discs at higher speeds if you’re going to extract (rip) the content of the disc to your hard drive.

Sony DRX-S70U Review

DVD-Video Single Layer

Sony DRX-S70U Review

DVD-Video Double Layer

The Sony DRX-S70U read both our Single and Double Layer discs at 4X which is just about average for slim-line drives.


Sony DRX-S70U Review


Sony DRX-S70U Review


The Sony DRX-S70U read both media at 8X.


Sony DRX-S70U Review


Sony DRX-S70U Review


Here again, the Sony DRX-S70U reads the dash media at 8X.


Sony DRX-S70U Review


Sony DRX-S70U Review


The Sony DRX-S70U read our Double Layer test media at 6X speed.


Sony DRX-S70U Review


The Sony DRX-S70U read our DVD-RAM disc at 5x using a Z-CLV reading method.


The Sony DRX-S70U performs extremely well for a slim-line drive and proved to be a reliable reader.

Now let’s head over to the next page where we will test CD-R/RW writing performance……