Waitec Jammin MP3 CD player


Sound quality:

I’ve tested the device with several kinds of music, I made a test disc that contained the following files:

  • Â Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Classical music mixed with break beats, and some trancy stuff)Â

  • Â Next – Too close (populair R&B)

  • Â Alien Ant Farm – Smooth criminal (Rock/punk)

  •  Garmisch Partenkirchner Blasmusik – Ké¶nig Ludwig Marsch (Military, fanfare)

  • Â John Wiliams – Theme from Schindlers List (Classical)

  • Â Mark Oh – Never stop that feeling 2001 (Rave)

  • Â Sasha – Expander (Trance)

    The device should be able to play MP3 files with a maximum play speed of 320 Kbps. It had no problem with the tested files. I didn’t test the ability to play variable bit rate files, as these are not widely used and because they are not preferred by most MP3 experts.

    The device has 5 equalizer settings:

  • Normal

  • Classical

  • Pop

  • Jazz

  • Rock

    This device maybe cheap, but it doesn’t sound cheap, the bass could be a little heavier, but I guess that’s just personal taste, it’s not so soft that it will annoy you, but for those that like a very heavy bass you will find out that even at the Rock equalizer setting it’s not there. The music sounds clear and the Jammin blows your ears off on the highest volume setting. Waitec has not limited the volume, so you can hear you music at full volume, something I really liked. Even at the highest volume setting (32) the sound is still very good.Â


    When you insert a CD in the Jammin it will start scanning for MP3 files, or it will detect that you have inserted an Audio CD. If it’s an audio CD the CD will start playing after about 2 seconds. A MP3 CD will take more time. My test CD, that contained only a few dozen MB’s was read in 6 seconds.Â

    Shaking the player while playing a MP3 or audio CD will not have much affect on the Jammin, the shock protection is good enough to continue playing without any hesitation. Walking around with it, or even running wasn’t a big problem I guess I could have run the whole day without having the Jammin skipping music before the batteries are empty…

    The battery should last for about ten hours, and for as long as I tested it, it does, I was able to play MP3 CD’s for over 6 hours without having to recharge it. The Jammin is very easy with this, it has 2 rechargeable batteries, that can stay in the device, just put in the adapter, and it recharges. Also, if the batteries are empty, you can just plug in the adapter and you are ready to play.

    The Vitaminic card:

    Waitec Jammin MP3 CD player
    As said before, with the Jammin you will get a card to access Vitaminic an online music club that allows you to download thousands of legal MP3’s.

    The card explains that you will need to go to a special URL on the Vitaminic site, you have to fill in your address and a special access code that is on the card. After filling in the requested information (name, address, sex, age) Vitaminic will send a mail with your login data. At the moment I did this, I had to wait a pretty long time before I could access the site, the whole registration process (on the Dutch site) looked a little messy, with some Italian and English stuff in it, like they hadn’t finished the translation yet..

    After three days I got the registration mail and I was able to surf the site for my MP3 files. My personal music taste is electronic so, I went to the Dance/Electronic department of Vitaminic. The site has a lot of subcategories, but overall you won’t find any big names. Most of the songs are homemade and not my cup of tea.

    In this case my cable connection came in handy so I could preview the songs. It’s always bad when you download a MP3 file of 5 Mb with your dialup and find out the song is total crap. With your Jammin Vitaminic access code you are allowed to download as much songs as you want for a month. Personally I haven’t downloaded more then 5 songs of the site, and they are all already in the recycle bin. This service just doesn’t add a thing to the device. Â