Waitec Jammin MP3 CD player



Overall the device is good, it does where it’s designed for, and it is not expensive, but that’s it. Don’t expect an intuitive interface, that displays song names and ID3 information. But if you want good sound quality, long lasting batteries, and basic functionality for a fair price, this drive is a good buy. I’m pretty impressed, and I wouldn’t live without a MP3 CD player. It’s so much better then a Discman with only a dozen songs. Besides that it’s so easy to download MP3 files from the internet and burn them to a CD.


The Jammin will be your friend if that is where you are looking for and don’t have the money to buy a full featured MP3 player. The Jammin will not let you down. Also the audio cable that comes with it is good, this way you can connect it to your stereo and you don’t need to buy an extra MP3 player.


  • Sound quality

  • Battery life and recharges it with adapter

  • Earphones

  • Audio cable

  • Clear manual

  • Price


  • Looks

  • Interface

  • Bass could be heavier

    Total score: 82%

    More information about this device and where to buy can be found at the website Waitec.