Best Android App to Customize Backgrounds

How your phone appears elevates your mood every time you are using your phone. Customizing the background plays a significant part in ensuring that you protect your eyes from bright colors. Moreover, you can choose the background setting that’s eye-catching and makes you feel good about yourself.

Customizing the background can be done with photos and wallpaper. Customizing your background on an Android is no longer troublesome if you download and install the best apps. Thankfully, there are numerous apps for this task in the Google Play Store.

When you change your Android device background, you are making your phone your own. The best app involves different themes and settings to adjust it to fit your preferences. Learn more about how to do this below.

Best Android App to Customize Backgrounds

How to Customize an Android Device Background

There are both traditional and live wallpapers to appear when the screen is locked and on the home screen of your android device. Before choosing the best app for customizing your background, you should understand the steps of this process.

The steps of customization are straightforward. After downloading the app, you will have a long list of options. Go to the Google Play Store on your device and download the Wallpapers by Google app. Install it on your device, then open the program.

Wallpapers by Google App

This application is for Androids and has a vast collection of wallpapers. The wallpapers are from Google Earth, Google Plus, and other sources. Moreover, this application has a unique setting where you can apply different background choices for the home and lock screen.

The wallpapers changer app from Google is the best when compared to other background customization apps. The wallpapers are divided into geometric shapes, seascapes, landscapes, artwork and other different categories.

There is also the daily wallpaper property showing you any new updates in any category. It’s free to use the app. Therefore, it saves you a lot of money. 

Recently Google released new properties to the app as well. Wallpapers by Google app now has bug fixes, new wallpapers, and UI improvements. These improvements cut across the all of the categories of wallpapers.

What Makes this App Great

The daily wallpaper function alerts you of any new wallpaper within the categories. Therefore, you can make a new choice more often. Moreover, this application allows you to use your photos as wallpaper beside the ones given by Google.

The manual customization of the background for an Android device is difficult. You have to make changes through the settings bar. While using the Wallpapers by Google app, the difference is instant. Once you chose a photo and apply it, the photo will automatically change on your screen.

After installation, allow the app to access your device’s storage and files. This feature will enable you to choose custom images. You can easily navigate different wallpapers from this application. The background setting represents your style even when the screen is locked.

Advantages of the Wallpapers by Google App

Once you install this application, you can start enjoying a collection that keeps on changing every day. You have access to Google Earth, Google Plus, and other partners. 

You can now start your day with new wallpapers for your home screen or lock screen, thus elevating your mood. The only access by the app that is needed includes photos, files, media, and storage. With the new UI improvements, you can make further adjustments on your Android device.

The type of wallpaper chosen plays a part in your eye health since a bight screen can affect the eyes. The Wallpapers by Google app provide you with a long list of wallpapers to choose from.

Best Android App to Customize Backgrounds

Bottom Line

The process of customizing your Android device background is now simplified. The Wallpapers by Google application is rated as the best background customization application. It’s free to use and, once you install it, you will automatically start enjoying the benefits it has to offer.

Google is making new adjustments to the app every day, allowing you to start your day with new background wallpaper. So, start customizing your phone today with this app!