Best Apps to Find Clothes from a Picture

When scrolling through social media, it’s possible to come across an eye-catching outfit. Being able to identify clothes from an image is no longer just a wishful thought. There are several apps available for Android and iPhone devices that help you do just that. The apps are free to use, therefore, they are a viable solution for you.

Finding clothes from a picture through an app is a straightforward process that takes only minutes. After installation, you will see the same type of outfit on a platform where they can be purchased. Therefore, it has never been easier to keep up with trends.

These apps connect you to the best designers. Style is now simplified with the ability to find clothes from pictures with these apps. You can identify the outfit you had come across in public or while scrolling through your social media. Here are the best apps that get the job done for you.

Best Apps to Find Clothes from a Picture

Google Lens

The Google Lens application is an image recognition tool. It helps you identify personal accessories, clothes, and other apparel. Unlike other apps, you don’t necessarily have to capture a picture of a shirt you saw in town. The viewfinder frame matches the clothing after highlighting it with a blue icon.

After the piece has been highlighted, tap on the circle and the application will automatically pull it to the Goggle shopping page. You will see a list of links where you can shop for this product. Shopping and fashion are now simplified with Google Lens. This app provides you easy access to the shops selling the piece of clothing you are looking for.

This app is applicable for both Android and iOS users. For Androids, Google Assistant makes this process straightforward. For iOS users, on the other hand, you will have to use the search bar of Google Photos and other Google apps.

Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Lens is a viable solution to diversify your shopping options. This app is designed to show you relevant and matched items. If you saw a cute dress in town and captured it in a photo, you can search it through this platform.

You can identify an entire outfit through this application. Moreover, this app developer partners with Shop Style. Therefore, it connects you to the best and most high-quality products. The lens bar allows you to explore different outfits to match your wardrobe.

After installing this application, it is easy to use. You can now match other attires from the ones on your wardrobe. When looking for new ideas, this platform will also bring out new relevant outfits.


The CamFind application involves a straightforward process. After taking a picture, it will take a second to process it and provide different shopping links. It also connects you to relevant YouTube videos. CamFind allows you to share the results with loved ones through social media platforms.

You can also browse what other people are searching for to understand current fashion trends. You can connect with like-minded shoppers and appreciate their insight on specific outfits. If you don’t feel comfortable dealing with others, you can activate the private mode.

Screen-shop App

While scrolling through social media platforms, you will find a list of fashion items. After taking a screenshot, you can use the picture to find clothes. The Screen-shop app scans the image once you have imported it to this platform.

The results are separated into tabs for each item in the outfit. Unfortunately, this application is only viable for iOS devices for now. At the top, there is a segment where you can shop for different items.

See It Buy It

See It Buy It is one of the top-rated visual search engine applications. It’s designed for women’s fashion and includes a variety of items. Once you spot a dress on social media, you can load it and automatically find out where you can buy it. It is a great user-friendly app!

Best Apps to Find Clothes from a Picture

Bottom Line

Your shopping dream has come true with these visual search engine applications. Making the best fashion decisions is a breeze with these applications to help you. Some of the apps require you to take a picture while others involve having the clothing item with you. After uploading the photo into the app, you will receive links for shopping platforms. Check out these apps today to make shopping easier for yourself!