Best iPhone App for To-Do List Making


If you would like to keep track of your tasks, prioritize them, and generally plan your life quite well, then you need to get a to-do list app on your phone. Whether it’ss reading assignments, shopping to do, visitations to make, or items in your routine, it’s quite hard to remember all your to-do tasks if you don’t write them down. 

In this digital era, it’s very essential to organize yourself; otherwise, you risk going off track. Since most people spend most of their time with their phones, or even tablets, it makes more sense to download a to-do list app on your iPad or even your iPhone. The good news is that there are tons of them available for you.


Most people tend to wonder which app is ideal to be downloaded. Since there are so many available, it’s human to get confused and stuck when choosing the right app to download. However, worry not, as we have done research for you, and here are some of the best apps that will do a good job. Read on.

Best iPhone App for To-Do List Making


This is a premium app and among the most popular apps when it comes to simplifying your schedules. The reasons are obvious; you are able to share content and schedules among different teams. If you manage big teams and you have huge projects you are working on, then this is the right app for you. All you have to do is manage and organize your tasks by simply adding labels.

It has quite an easy to use interface with unbeatable features such as commenting, which you can use while sharing tasks, among others. It is quite affordable, as you have an option of only paying $30 annually instead of monthly. Considering the features that come with this app, we can only say the pay is worth it.



Who doesn’t like Evernote? Perhaps you know it as your go-to place when it comes to organizing your photos, notes, voice recordings, sketches and so much more. As if that is not enough, with this app there is an option where you can assign tasks and due dates and also create lists. Imagine that!

This is the best app in so many ways; you can organize your tasks together with all the information you need to execute your work. It has both paid and free versions; however, if you are just looking for an app to organize your apps, the free version is more than enough.

Google Tasks

Well, this app is all about minimalism. It allows you to add tasks together with descriptions, create lists, add due dates, and make subtasks among other things. However, this app doesn’t support tags or even any of the features we find with the advanced apps, but still it gets the job done.

If you are looking for something basic, just to organize your tasks and nothing complicated, then this app is worth a look. Last and not least, there is an option of viewing your tasks from your inbox if you have a Gmail account.

This is another amazing app that is straightforward and helps you focus on tasks ahead of you. It has a simple interface that is based on when tasks are due; however, you can interchange and assign to different lists. 

What makes it stand out is the fact that it helps you focus and channel your attention on the tasks at hand and leave what can be done later. It has a free version; however, the location-based reminders and customizing tasks feature might require you to subscribe.


Best iPhone App for To-Do List Making

Whereas most apps are handy when it comes to recurring events or even personal tasks, Reminders still features as one of the best, too. It features Siri and also an option for adding reminders based on time or location by talking with Siri either on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and even Mac. Well, imagine combining Siri with reminders; you get the perfect app.

Bottom Line

There are hundreds of apps available for you; however, we always encourage people to do their proper research before they download any specific app. Otherwise, there is no reason why you should be forgetting tasks when there is an app that can simplify your work.