Best Task Apps to Earn Money


Did you know it is possible to earn money directly from your phone? Well, with the help of certain apps, it is actually quite easy. Whether you want do earn money as a part-time gig or simply as a way to pass the time, there are hundreds of app available that help you earn supplementary income.

Note that these apps will not make you rich. However, they will give you a little pocket change to help you feel more comfortable financially. The good news is these apps require you to do pretty simple tasks and still allow you to earn money.

You are using your phone to access your bank accounts and also pay bills, why not leverage your phone and earn that extra dollar on the side? We have done some research for you, and here are some of the apps that can help you earn extra cash. Continue reading to learn more.

Best Task Apps to Earn Money


This app was formally called Ebates, and it gives you cashback from shopping. It has partnered with more than 2,500 stores that pay them a commission for referrals. In turn, this app shares the commission with its users as cashback.

You can earn cashback as high as 10% after shopping with Walmart, Amazon, Macy’s, JCPenney, eBay, Kohl’s, Expedia, and other stores you are familiar with. You start earning after 90 days of being a member through PayPal or other payment options.


If you are a fan of photographs or videos, then this app will pay you for selling them. All you have to do is create a profile account with them and start uploading your content. Once your photos are bought, you split the earnings with the app.

Photos sell for between $5 to $100, and payment is received via PayPal. This app has an easy-to-use interface as well. You can either take new photos or upload already existing ones on your phone. Big Brands such as Bank of America use this app to buy content.

Google Opinion Rewards

If taking surveys is your thing, then you might as well do so on your smartphone. All you have to do is download this app and get started. You will have to complete a short survey on several topics, such as a personal opinion, hotel review, or even a satisfaction survey from a particular merchant. These surveys are usually short and can be done in a short time.

You can also earn extra bucks when you share your TV plus internet usage with Google Opinion Rewards. All you have to do is continue watching your TV as always. This would work well for individuals who love their TVs. Payment comes in the form of PayPal credits or Google Play credits.


Did you know it’s possible to get paid for walking? Yes, Sweatcoin does that. To achieve this, you will have to keep this app running in your phone’s background at all times and it will track all your steps. For every 1,000 actions, it rewards you with 0.95 Sweatcoins.

Note that Sweatcoins can’t be withdrawn as cash, but you can redeem them in the form of goods and services. It features audiobooks, athletic wear, meditation, or headphones. Most of the offers are aimed at creating a healthy lifestyle.

Best Task Apps to Earn Money

Bottom Line

We recommend you first do your due diligence before you download any app. It’s essential to check both the negative and positive reviews before you download it. Be careful and watch out for apps that might ask a lot of information; most of them are scams.