Discover 5 of the Weirdest Google Searches

Have you ever noticed that the phrase “Search it has now become synonymous with “Google It”? Every second, Google receives 70,000 search requests and this translates to roughly 2 trillion searches every year, and handling these requests is next to impossible. 

With time, Google has improved its search algorithm to include features, like auto-complete or counting the number of searches for a particular phrase. The fact that there is no limit for using Google, we have got a free hand at doing it. 

More often than not we take “man can do anything” quite literally. So, let’s find out what a man can do if they are given the liberty to search their wildest thoughts and imagination. Read on to learn more.

Discover 5 of the Weirdest Google Searches


Can I Eat My Cat?

This search term has a search volume of 90 per month. This means that give or take around 90 people are wanting to know whether they can eat their feline friend. 

If that’s not enough, there are other bizarre searches associated with eating weird things. Not only cats, but some guy sitting in the comfort of his room wants to know whether he can eat his own poop. 

What’s a Boyfriend and Where Can I Download One?

Probably everyone who has only heard people say, “do you have a boyfriend” or “get a boyfriend” will ask this question. Someone should say to this curious soul that getting a boyfriend from the next door is pretty easier than downloading one from Google.

Someone may need to create a Tinder profile for the person who wanted to download a boyfriend. 

Why Does Cucumber Taste Like Shampoo?

Well, someone has set their priorities correctly. The question is not why the taste of a shampoo resembles that of a cucumber, but it is the cucumber that is imitating the poor shampoo. 

So, the next time you go cucumber shopping, make sure not to buy those which do not taste like shampoo. 

Do Men Have Periods?

If this guy is talking about school periods where when one lecture is over and you switch to the next one, then that is fine, but that is not what we are talking about. Whoever is keen to know is either having some trouble in paradise or he wants to check with Google before he could visit a doctor for bleeding. 

So, if men were to have periods, what’s stopping them from getting pregnant too. If you are guessing that people might have also searched for this term, you are absolutely right. 

Do Pigs Sweat?

Discover 5 of the Weirdest Google Searches


Hear it guys, we have a pig enthusiasts amongst ourselves. But, even if a person loves a pig, why in the world would they be interested in its sweat?

Maybe the inspiration for this search came from the adage, “sweating like a pig” which is itself a tautology as scientifically it is said that pigs do not sweat. On the other hand, pigs are also supposed to be lethargic and not so active. 

The Bottom Line

In an era where we are more dependent on Google than our own mind to find something as important as a set of keys, you cannot blame Google for showing the results. 

At the end of the day, it is a machine which is made and maintained by man. Every search result on Google has an answer because someone somewhere has written a response to it. 

This leaves us stuck with the chicken and the egg story. What came first, the question or the answer? Why don’t you Google it and find out what it is.