Best Mobile App To Edit Videos

There are so many apps out there you can use to edit your videos with, but only a handful of them are great.

It is not easy to find a great app for video editing in this online video editing jungle that has most of the features.

When it comes to video editing, you need those unique features to make your videos come alive in a real sense. We take a look at Cyberlink’s Powerdirector 365.

Best Mobile App To Edit Videos

Features Of PowerDirector 365

This is a great tool to use for editing social media YouTube and Instagram videos quickly and easily without effort. New transition effects are added to turn all of your videos into great and professional productions quickly, no less than 18 of them.

You can use green screen editing with the multi-key color sampling and the chroma key engine that is built into this app. There is also frame by frame motion tracking available to ensure 100 percent accurately object tracking in your video clips.

Without the steep learning curve of traditional video editing software, you can make your own videos in only a few clicks. It also provides you with graphic elements that are ready to use for creating motion pictures with titles and subtitles included.

In the action camera center, you can easily make use of speed effects as well as one-click effects for drone users. Slow-motion, as well as fast-motion effects, is one of the great features that is added to this video editing app. 

There are also new features included for vloggers and YouTubers like audio scrubbing and reversible timeline tracking, among many other great features.

General Tips

You can access a vast database of background music that can be used in your social media videos. Also, stay in touch with unlimited design packs at your disposal that are upgraded and renewed on a monthly basis.

You can add a powerful in-app upgrade that will export all of your videos to full HD and 4k quality.

Who It Is Suited To

This app is ideal for online video streamers as well as for professional photographers that need and edge. It is also great for action photographers that make use of drones and other devices to get that unique recording or footage.

This is also great for anybody interested in creating good quality videos for social media and just sharing with their friends.


There are many different offers available that can be used by amateur as well as professional video editors. 

There is even a free version available if you want to try it out first before you commit to this video editing app.

The PowerDirector 365 is now available for only £44.99 per year, and you get 50GB of cloud storage included with all the other great features. 

Or you can go for the £74.99 per year Director Suite 365 and get 100GB of cloud storage.

Go here if you are interested in getting this video editing app for your smartphone or desktop or try the free version. There is currently a promotion on the annual subscription of the PowerDirector 365 app that you may benefit from.


  • Powerdirector is quite easy to use
  • It comes with a lot of extra features included
  • You can do vertical video editing with this app
  • There is a free version available for download
  • 4k and 3D capability


  • It is not available on the Mac platform
  • The many choices can make it a bit daunting

How To Download And Use It

To download and install this video editing app, you can go to this website and see all the available products. Power director 365 video editing app is great for all types of videos and very easy to install and use.

It will take some time to get used to the app and the features, but to make it easier, see this YouTube video.

Best Mobile App To Edit Videos


Go and get this app before the promotion of a 25% discount on the yearly subscription is over. You may miss out on a one-time opportunity but visit their website for more information on all available packages for your convenience.

Do not wait until it is too late if you are going to need the app in any way.