How to Exercise Without Going to the Gym – Learn These Remote Methods


Because of the pandemic, a lot of people are staying at home to be safe, and trying to avoid catching any virus. In the name of fitness, people resort to watching YouTube tutorials and downloading fitness apps to stay fit without the need to visit the gym. 

Adjusting to the new norm is hard, but the new normal needs to be embraced to survive in this pandemic. After all, creating new routines also help improve your health. People only need to be creative, be resourceful, and find ways to enjoy the new lifestyle. 


If you’re thinking of devoting one hour to exercise and physical activities, here are some methods to do. Try new exercises each day to make the activity fun, less tiring, and effective. Start staying active at home with these three exercises.

How to Exercise Without Going to the Gym - Learn These Remote Methods



Doing yoga helps to unwind tense muscles, and promotes strength. A lot of people are doing yoga this pandemic because it helps improve a person’s mental well-being. Additionally, this physical activity also burns calories and tones muscles. 


More reasons to do yoga is helping to reduce weight, increase flexibility, maintain a balanced metabolism, and enhance respiration. Individuals also don’t need anything than a yoga mat, or yoga socks.

There are many video tutorials that help beginners to understand yoga and its practices. For free classes, you can always go to YouTube and check out several channels focused on stretches, and other poses. 

For more detailed instructions from experienced yogis, you can also download yoga apps, like 5 Minute Yoga for free classes. There are also paid apps, like Glo, which offers over 3,700 classes for yoga, pilates, and meditation at $18 a month. 

Timed Walks

Another fitness activity to add to your weekly routine are timed walks. Start by walking for at least 20 minutes, and increase the set amount of time gradually. You can walk in your living space, or if you have a treadmill, you can mix walking with running for cardio.

The body reaps a number of benefits from walking as it promotes endurance, strengthens the muscles, and maintain your overall health. Walking for hours a day reduces excess body fat and powers up the heart.

Healthwise, walking can boost immune function, lower blood sugar, and strengthen muscles. It also improves a person’s mood, and burn calories. It is simple to do, as you only need to walk around the house. 

Download apps, like Charity Miles, Map My Walk, and Virtual Walk to monitor your fitness journey and track the distance of your walk. 

Body-Focused Workout

How to Exercise Without Going to the Gym - Learn These Remote Methods


The most common form of exercise is engaging in a body-focused workout. There are four major areas to work on: upper body, core, glutes, and lower body. The upper body, includes the arms, shoulders, and upper back. 

Meanwhile, the core includes the upper and lower abdominal muscles, and back muscles. For the glutes, the exercises are meant to strengthen the bridges, thighs, and buttocks. Then, for the lower body, you are targeting the legs, hamstrings, hips, and butt. 

By engaging in body-focused exercises, you can tone the key muscles and get in good shape. You can watch video tutorials on YouTube or subscribe to virtual coaching services. 

Bottom Line

There are plenty of ways to experience exercise at home by using the Internet, apps, or creating your own regiments. The key to staying fit at home is consistency in performing physical activities and exercises. 

Devote a minimum of 30 minutes to do yoga, walk around the house, or engage in a body-focused workout. With proper stretching and discipline, you can surely get your body goal in less than a year.