Best Free Mobile App To Edit Photos

Sometimes your photos are just not good enough to be shared on social media, and you need to do something about it.

That is when you need an app that can do it for you on the go without a lot of effort.

For that reason, there are a few great photo editing apps that may just make your social media photos better. We take a look at the free Photoshop Express editor from Adobe.

Best Free Mobile App To Edit Photos

Features Of Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

This app is free for you to use and edit, with the features to enhance your digital photos so they will look much better. You can add borders to your photos to give them a better look and viewing quality.

The quality of the photos is increased with the option of JPEG quality photos. With the watermark feature included, you can authenticate your photos or make a background of your photos. You can also use the image resizing tool to make different sizes of all your digital photos.

For changing the format of the photos, you also have the option to rotate them in different directions. The cropping feature will help to remove unwanted marks from the edges of your photos to increase their quality.

For those photos where the people or even your pets have red eyes, you can remove all the red from it. There is also the auto-fix tool that will help to improve the quality of the photo automatically and remove blemishes.

You also have a text tool included with this photo editing software for when you need to add text to your photos. With the perspective correction capability of this photo editor app, you need not worry about lesser quality photos anymore.

General Tips

Use this photo editing app for all the photos in your digital library to create good quality photos that can be exported. With all the extra features, you can make great social media profile photos that will make you look good.

Who It Is Suited To

This photo editing app is available for everyone interested in editing their photos before putting it on social media. It is also great for use by professional photographers to modify all their work professionally with the great features available.

It is available for all mobile devices and desktop and is therefore great to be used by all. This is also suitable for every professional and amateur photo editor that uses it to create and restore lesser quality or old photos.


You can download this photo editing app for your Android phone here for free, to create great photos for your album.

For all Apple devices, you need to find this app on the App Store also for free to use for all your photo editing.

It is also available for Windows users from the Windows Store free of charge for great image and photo editing.

For the features that are not available without Creative Cloud Membership, go their website buy it.


  • Simple as well as customization options
  • Photoshop is quite easy to use
  • There are many great features at your disposal
  • All your photos can be used in other Adobe products
  • Great photo editing capabilities for improvement


  • You need cloud membership for some features
  • A separate app is needed to organize your photos

How To Download And Use It

Photo express editor is available for both Android and iOS smartphones and can be downloaded from the respective online stores. It is also available from Microsoft in the Windows Store to download it for your laptop or desktop for free.

This free version of Adobe’s Photo Express Editor app has most of the features that are available on the professional version of the software. It is easy to use, and for a full tutorial on how to use it, see this YouTube video.  

Best Free Mobile App To Edit Photos


While it is free, there should be nothing to stop you from getting this excellent photo editing app for your smartphone. This will improve your amateur photography career to a much better level and help you to create beautiful photos.

So what are you waiting for, go and get it!