Funny Situations Everyone Has Gone Through

There has been a lot of fear, anxiety, and worry during these uncertain pandemic times. For some people, watching TV, playing video games, taking a course online, and taking up challenges with family have been some of the ways to keep sane. 

You need something to brighten your face and your mood altogether, however short-lived. Laughter releases hormones in the blood that keep you young and energized. If you don’t want to age so fast, laugh often.

In this article, we discuss 10 funny situations that everyone can relate with. Continue reading to learn more about them.

10 Funny Situations Everyone Has Gone Through


Sending a Text to the Wrong Person

The awkwardness in this condition knows no bounds. Can you imagine sending a flirty text you intended for your boyfriend to your dad or boss? What if you sent a message complaining about your job your boss even though it was meant for a friend? I am cringing just thinking about it.

Your Boss Catching You on Facebook

Many times we want our bosses to think we are working hard. So we tend to bury our heads in the computer, yet in reality, we might be on Facebook or doing something totally different. Imagine your boss coughing behind you as you flip through your Facebook pages!

Underestimating the Time Spent Holding the Door for Someone

You are walking with someone and being a gentleman, and you open the door for your friend to walk in. When you turn wondering why they are not coming in, you realize they are on the phone or talking to someone! Do you let it go or keep holding it?

Meeting the Same Person Many Times in the Corridors at Work

Imagine if it’s a new person at work and you just had a conversation, only to bump into them each time you walk through the corridors. You don’t know whether to keep saying “Hi” or ignore them the fourth time. Do you awkwardly nod every time you meet them?

Waving at Someone That Is Waving at Another Person Behind You

At this point, you hope the person doesn’t come to talk to you or even get close. You want them to just disappear into thin air, otherwise, how will you explain your waving at them? You were also waving at your friend that was behind them?

Catching a Movie With Your Parents

Unless it’s Pixar or Disney movies, the rest, you’ll be seated at the edge of your couch the whole time. They will either contain nudity or obscene language. When these come up, not even an ant biting you can get you talking.

Entering the Bathroom at the Same Time as a Colleague

When this happens you can only pray he does his business first or another person uses a hand dryer the whole time you are in there. But, what are the chances of the latter happening? 

When You Say “What?” Twice and Still Don’t Hear What They Said

Now you start asking yourself whether to ask them to repeat the third time or guess what they meant. Guessing could get you in another awkward situation of its own, especially if the statement was directed at you. Also, when you ask them to repeat, they might never talk to you again.

Talking to Teenagers

Unless you are lucky to meet the extremely polite ones that might make you feel at ease, otherwise you risk being a laughing stock to the kids in your family. 

Also, the topic of discussion matters – don’t come to teenagers to start talking about retirement or old age. They will make you wish you never did. Besides, do you understand the latest jargon and slang? Make sure you do to save your face.

Hugging Someone Who Was Just Wanting a Handshake

10 Funny Situations Everyone Has Gone Through


You don’t want this to happen in front of your friends or a group of people. It signals who has more power in the relationship. 

Also, it shows that you are more emotionally attached to this person than they are. Unless you don’t care about people’s opinions, you might develop a red face the whole time.


During these sad, worrying, and fear-ridden pandemic times, you need something to make you laugh. However, some situations may make you cringe in the moment, like sending a flirty message intended for your boyfriend to your dad. But, you can look back and laugh later.