Get this App to Sign a PDF

Is it your dream to have a paperless office? You will need the right tools to be fully digital. In an office, there are documents involving contracts and other important information. Paperwork can be easily destroyed, but signing in a PDF makes it safe and organized.

An electronic signature app gets the job done for you when you want to sign a PDF. The most significant role of this application is that it allows you to sign different documents digitally. Choosing the best application for your office can be complicated if you don’t know what to expect.

Here is a guideline on the factors that make a great signature application and how you can use it in your office. You can go fully digital in your business with great ease after embracing this electronic signature application.

Get this App to Sign a PDF

What the Best Electronic Signature App Offers

An electronic signature app must have the ability to add an electronic signature easily. Chose an app that allows easy creation and storage of the signature. Moreover, this app should allow you to send the document to other people for signing. This action should be able to be tracked from the dashboard.

An excellent electronic signature app can be used to sign a PDF as well as print it out. When sending sensitive contracts, you will need an app with security features. These properties include the ability to set a password. Check the compliance provided on the app’s website before you invest your money on this software. It should also be highly compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

HelloSign Application

HelloSign is the best signing app for a PDF. It’s more applicable for you if you are on a budget, and it saves you money as compared to other software. If you are on a budget to collect signatures or sign documents, this app will do the trick.

You can sign the documents through Gmail, an Android device, an iOS device, and other devices. It’s designed by experts who have considered the compatibility factor. Anyone can use this application. It involves a straightforward process of downloading, installation, and applying it.

HelloSign allows you to fill out a form, type in a signature as well as add initials to the PDF. This app will enable you to send a document to another person’s email and collect a form. It’s now easy to sign in a PDF with the HelloSign application.

This app has a handwriting font feature allowing you to type your signature. You can also create a new signature if you have an image with a signature uploaded it to the app. You can also take a picture of your signature using your phone.

Enter the email address for your recipient then add the document you want them to sign before clicking the send button. After they send back the copy, save a copy by downloading it for future reference. You can easily track PDF on the page that is linked in the sidebar.

This app saves you the time you don’t have to meet a client to get a signature. In addition, it will only cost you $13 per month for the pro plan, which involves unlimited documents. If you do not want to pay, it’s free to use for up to three documents in a month, which is a good deal.

Get this App to Sign a PDF

Bottom Line

Signing a PDF is now easy with the HelloSign app, which you can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Working in a paperless office is now possible. You can send documents for signing and then receive them later. You can set a password to improve the security of your documents or contracts.

The process is straightforward and you do not need any training to use this program. From the app, you can also send the copy directly to a client for a signature.