How to Make a Milk Popcorn Nest

With all the free time people have to stay indoors, some have mastered their culinary skills. With a reliable internet connection, you have access to YouTube and other sites that can teach you about anything.

When you look at these interesting times objectively, one of the benefits was for families to bond. It is one of those rare times where all family members can be gathered together without the pressures of work, school, and other commitments.

One interesting recipe that is simple to make yet delicious is the milk popcorn nest. And by the way, you won’t gain weight since it has minimal calories and fats. Read on to learn how you can make a milk popcorn nest.

How to Make a Milk Popcorn Nest
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About Milk Popcorn

During these pandemic times, milk popcorn is the ideal snack to eat away as you watch your favorite movie, play your video game, or as you study something. 

You can decide to cook a lot, and put it in an enclosed container and keep it for later. It’s a great way to snack away as opposed to other unhealthy snacks full of calories.

And since there is not much activity we are doing lately, the chances of gaining weight are very high. Did I tell you that popcorn is a healthy snack because it contains minerals, vitamins, and polyphenol antioxidants? It is also said to be among the leading sources of fiber.

However, keep away from pre-packaged microwave popcorn as it is said to contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which is associated with various health issues. 


In order to make a milk popcorn nest, you will need these ingredients: ¼ cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter, ½ cup of milk powder, and ¼ of corn kernels or popcorn maize.


Get a nonstick pan with a lid to prevent your popcorn from sticking and getting burnt. Also, the lid will contain it inside so that it doesn’t spill over the whole place.

Add butter into the pan, then add the popcorn maize. Turn on the heat and put your pan on it with its ingredients. Start with high heat until butter is hot, and then reduce to medium. Cover the pot now.

Shake the pot every 10 seconds to avoid your popcorn getting burnt. Turn heat to low now. Your popcorn seeds will take time to start popping. Popping is best done on low heat since the seeds cook inside out hence popping.

Popping the Popcorn

When it starts popping, keep shaking your pot so that even the seeds on top get down to the pot and pop as well. When there is no more pooping, it means that all your seeds have popped.

Open the lid and add sugar, mix it fast and keep stirring. Heat must be maintained on low. Then you will see the sugar melting.

Finishing Touches

How to Make a Milk Popcorn Nest
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Then add more melted butter (2 tablespoons) to make the popcorn have that buttery flavor and add more milk on them. Add your milk powder to the mixture.

Turn off the heat and keep stirring as the pot is still hot. You want to make sure all your popcorn is equally coated with butter, sugar and milk powder. Now it’s ready. You can serve alone or with tea. To read more about this recipe or for any clarifications, find it here.


If you are bored eating the same foods and snacks, you might want to try out this milk popcorn recipe. It is quite easy and cost-friendly because it uses few ingredients and it is fast. There is no reason why you should lack minerals, vitamins, and polyphenol antioxidants.