LaCie d2 DVD±RW DL external drive with Firewire



  • Supports 2.4x DVD+R Dual Layer writing
  • Easy to connect and install
  • Excellent quality on DVD burns
  • Reads CDs at 40x and DVDs at 12x
  • Supports DAO-RAW writing
  • Supports reading and writing 8cm CD-R discs and credit card CD-R discs
  • Fast and perfect audio extraction
  • Supports bitsetting on DVD+R9 DL media
  • Quiet operation and a nice design
  • Can rip protected audio discs


  • Slow at CD-R/CD-RW/DVD±R writing compared to other drives
  • Does notsupport Mt. Rainier
  • Reading of DVD-Video discs are locked to 5x CAV
  • Does not support reading CD’s and writing CD-R’s larger than 90 minutes
  • Slow at reading safedisc protected data discs


Let’s summarize the most important positive and negative points below:


The main positive points:


First of all, this drive exhibits impressive writing quality. It supports dual layer writing, a new and exciting technology. (Just too bad that dual layer media is not available at reasonable prices yet; we guess it will be some months before dual layer media will be affordably priced). The drive is a good choice for those who are looking for an external drive that is easy to install and connect (USB 2.0 or FireWire). The drive is able to write to several types of 4x DVD media at 8x and don’t forget the automatic bitsetting support using DVD+R9 DL media.


The main negative points:


Even though the drive does have excellent DVD write quality, it still has some weaknesses. One of them is the 5x speed lock when ripping a DVD-video disc. In addition, it can not read or write CD-R’s larger than 90 Minutes. Similar drives can write CD-R/CD-RW/ DVD±R faster. The ability to backup copy protected games is the major weakness with this drive. Compared to the competitors, the 8x DVD write speed could be faster, but quality is more important than speed.

The drive is priced at $ 199 USD (Price from LaCie per 16. July 2004).


Thanks to:

MMORE International B.V for providing the DVD+R 8x, CD-R 52x and the CR-RW 10x media used in this review. (MMORE (established in 1997) has proven to be a serious brand and a serious media – supplier for Pan European Retail. Presence in all major outlets across more than 20 European countries).




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