Learn How to Have Discipline to Train at Home

In the face of the pandemic sweeping across the globe presently, public facilities, like gyms, have been closed. People are switching to training at home now. If you are wondering how to develop the discipline to stick to a training program at home, you are not alone.

At home, the temptation to lie in bed for those extra 15 minutes seems irresistible. And, once you get up, the many chores of your routine take over. And, before you know it, it is time for office work. Then, by the evening, you are tired. Where is the time to train, you might ask?

You need the self-discipline to train at home. What’s more, and you know this too, you need to change your training schedule into a habit, so you can stick with it. Read on to learn about these methods to help you train and exercise at home.

Learn How to Have Discipline to Train at Home


Write Down Your Fitness Goals

Write down your fitness goals on a piece of paper and place this where you can see them every day. You can place it on your refrigerator or your laptop. Putting your aims in writing will help you stay committed to your training schedule.

Remember to keep your goals realistic. If you are starting to train from a totally sedentary lifestyle, don’t write down something impossible (like running the 10K next month). If you set unachievable goals, you are likely to get discouraged soon. 

Aim to train 3 times a week. If you are able to train 4 times, consider it a bonus and pat yourself on the back. Strength training helps you burn calories and build lean muscle mass. Ask yourself, how you can do strength training at home?

Commit to Your Training

When exercising by yourself, you can use various free online resources, such as YouTube videos. However, if you have not yet developed training at home as a habit, you might need extra motivation. 

Sign up for a paid, online fitness class; the fact that you are paying for it will be good motivation for you to do it. Besides, having a trainer who can guide you to push yourself to the optimal limits will benefit you more.

Have a Buddy System

Some people prefer to train alone; however, you might feel motivated if you have a buddy to train with. This person can be a family member or a friend who can encourage you to stay on track with your training program. 

Training with a group can help you stay with the program for longer. A study shows that 95% of people who started a weight-loss program with a buddy completed it. 

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Learn How to Have Discipline to Train at Home


Be the master of technology, rather than it being the other way around. Unless absolutely necessary, keep distractions, such as mobile devices and iPads switched off when you train. This might be tricky since nowadays since fitness classes are online, but you get the gist. 

Avoid giving in to the temptation to needlessly surf online when you should be training. Also, put off social media, calling people, or responding to texts until after your training session. 


No matter how hard you try to stick to your training schedule, there might be days when you don’t feel like exercising at home. Go easy on yourself and accept it as a normal part of life. This will help build your self-confidence. 

Putting in your best efforts should not mean being disciplined all the time. It means accepting your lapses and being constantly aware of how you can learn from these. Practice being mindful when exercising.