Learn How to Make Green Juice – Discover the Best Recipe

While we are cheering “Go green” for our nature, why don’t we advocate the same for our bodies? Green juices are the blockbuster drinks for your body, replenishing every part of it with nutrients. 

You don’t need to rush to supermarkets to buy those overpriced green smoothies or canned juices as you can easily make one at your home. And, the best part about homemade juices is you can customize it according to your own taste buds. 

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, like luscious green pastoral lands, green juices do much good to our body than we possibly know. Read on to learn how to make green juice recipes

Learn How to Make Green Juice - Discover the Best Recipe


Benefits of Green Juices

Aside from being low in sugar, the green juices dwindle down the overall inflammation happening in your body as suggested by experts. Moreover, the enzymes swimming around in fresh green juices enhance the overall digestive health of your body and can boost immunity as well. 

Most green juices include citrus fruits, like lemon, which are storehouses of vitamin C. Ginger is also widely used due to its rich anti-inflammatory contents and adds a tinge of spice to the juice. 

Cucumbers are a must in green juices because they contain vitamins A, B, and C. The core ingredient in green juices is chlorophyll, which aside from having the aforementioned benefits, increases the production of red blood cells and enables your cells to carry more oxygen. 

Other ingredients in green juices are drenched in detoxifying properties and are best to start your day with. Let us learn how to easily prepare one of the tastiest green juices. 


Green juice is the best way to induce your body with the nutritional goodness of veggies. This is a quick recipe that can be made in only 25 minutes with 7 ingredients for the miscellany of a sweet and tangy flavor. 

To make this rejuvenating green juice, you need one fresh cucumber, some celery, and your regular greens, like parsley and kale. For that extra tangy sweetness, we need one lemon and green apple. To add that last touch of nutrition, we need some ginger according to taste. 

Slicing Ingredients

The first step is to properly rinse all the fruits and vegetables that are going to go into your juicer or blender. The next step includes using your chopping board. 

Start by cutting slices of cucumber for the base, then move onto chopping the green veggies so that all of this fits easily in the juicer or blender. Next, slice up the green apple without depriving it of its the peel as it has various nutritional properties. 

Finally, peel off the citrus fruits as they can be obstructions to the whole juicing process and can also add a bitter taste. 

Juicing Ingredients

Now, rinse your juicer or blender with water and start adding the ingredients one by one. Put down the cucumber slices on the base then start adding your celery and finally, your greens. Give this a spin before adding the other ingredients. 

When you have a beautiful green juicy mixture, start adding ginger, green apple, and lemon slices. The juice of these citrus fruits will gather any stubborn residues stuck to the side of the juicer or blender. 

Blend all of this together as per the texture you want. Finally, pour it over in a jar, add some crushed ice to the mix, and enjoy. 

Juicing Tips

Learn How to Make Green Juice - Discover the Best Recipe


To get the refreshing and nourishing properties out of this green juice recipe, be sure to buy organic produce. It’s best to use a top-notch quality blender to get the best results out of this juice as well as to retain all the flavors.

Make sure to chop all your ingredients into smaller pieces so as not to obstruct the functioning  of the juicer or blender you’re using. You can store the remnant juice in an air-tight container in the fridge. The ravishing flavor of this juice can be best enjoyed within 24 hours.

The Bottom Line

This easy-to-make green juice recipe was tailor-made to be easily incorporated into our hectic morning routines. With a high nutritional content value, it serves your tongue with tart-like tangy-ness and a refreshing kickstart to the day.