EU reaches agreement on controversial new copyright law with ‘upload filter’ and ‘link tax’ articles

EU reaches agreement on controversial new copyright law with 'upload filter' and 'link tax' articles

European negotiators have reached a political agreement on the new Copyright Directive which includes the controversial article 11 and 13. Article 11 is also known as the link tax and article 13 requires tech giants like Google and Facebook to purchase licenses for the content their users share. 

Microsoft might keep Classic Paint in Windows 10

Microsoft might keep Classic Paint in Windows 10

Where Microsoft previously announced it would remove the traditional version of Paint from Windows 10, there might be some good news for those that won’t like to see it go away. An Italian Twitter user noticed that Microsoft removed the notice stating Paint will be removed from the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview version. Previously … Read moreMicrosoft might keep Classic Paint in Windows 10

Toshiba S300 5TB HDD Review

Toshiba S300 5TB HDD Review

Welcome to Myce’s review of the Toshiba S300 HDD.
The S300 specifically targets use for surveillance purposes – i.e. recording from surveillance cameras. When you stop and think about it, these days there are surveillance cameras all over the place and it must be a huge target market, so it should be no surprise that HDD manufacturers are targeting this market segment with specifically tailored products.
Please read on to see what we make of it.

Prices leaked of support program to keep Windows 7 secure after 2020

Again Microsoft withdraws an update, this time for Windows 7

When Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 in January 2020, the company will no longer provide security updates for the operating system through Windows Update. However, large companies have the ability to pay for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates. Microsoft recently briefed some of its partners, after which prices leaked on the internet.

DNS data corruption issue caused Windows 10 update downloads to fail last month

A day after previous build Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 10159

An update issue with Windows 10 on January 29th was caused by the outage of an unknown external DNS service provider from Microsoft, according to the company. The issue prevented some users in the United States and United Kingdom from receiving security, software, and operating system updates from the Microsoft Store and Windows Update. Also the SmartScreen filter, didn’t properly work for some users.

Mozilla will start to warn when encrypted connections are intercepted in Firefox

Mozilla announces new Quantum engine that will better utilize modern CPUs and video cards

Mozilla will start to warn Firefox users for man-in-the-middle attacks on encrypted connections in the next version of the browser. The browser developer announced the upcoming feature in the “These weeks in Firefox” blog post series on its website. The man-in-the-middle warning will only show when users visit an HTTPS website with Firefox, and when other software tries to intercept the connection.

Dutch anti-piracy organization: ‘scenario possible where we track down illegal downloaders’

Dutch anti-piracy organization: 'scenario possible where we track down illegal downloaders'

The director of Dutch anti-piracy organization Brein has stated in a podcast that he can think of possible scenarios where his organization will start to chase downloaders of pirated content, and not just uploaders. However, such actions would not be the preference of both him and rights holders, according to the director of Brein, Tim Kuik.