Nero upgrades

CloneCD has started a big revolution in the burning scene. This software uses RAW writing what makes it possible to copy CD’s 1 on 1. The guys of Ahead are also busy with this kind of technology. Our affiliate Wild Wide Web has an intresting article of the new features on the future Nero release.


Welcome to the new and hopefully improved CD Freaks. As you can see we changed a whole lot ! Make some time free to understand all functions and enjoy the new look and feel. We hope that this makes the site more interactive and more fun to read. We have also changed from server. Some … Read moreWelcome


CloneCD is out. Thanks to all who mailed this to us, but I waited to post it on the new site New features: – When error reporting was disabled, reading hangs. – Added option to disable bad sector scanner – Added option to disable eject of media – Removed warning message, if a drive … Read moreCloneCD

DVD Information

A lot of people have heared about DVD. But not many people do really know where it stands for. DVD is sold as the follow up for the CD. But DVD can store much more data on the DVD discs. This means that there are more things possible with these disc’s. On this page we will tell you about DVD discs, DVD players and about the areacodes. Also we will bring you information on DVD-RAM that should enable you to copy DVD discs…

Copy Protections

As we all know it is ILLEGAL to copy commercial CDs and sell them…It is however NOT illegal to copy them for personal backup! That’s why it is useful to know that CDs can be protected in several ways. Just to make sure that you can not make any illegal copies. On this page we want to explain u a bit more about the various copy-protections that are on the market and what you can do to by-pass them.