Anonymous members crash the Spanish Academy Awards

Anonymous isn’t just crashing websites. The group decided to physically invade the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars while simultaneously attacking the website for the Spanish film academy.

Anonymous members crash the Spanish Academy Awards
Image courtesy of El Mundo

Spanish site El Mundo reported that members of hacking collective, Anonymous, dressed in all black and wore the iconic Guy Fawkes masks trying to get themselves on stage during the Spanish Academy Awards. The site reports that three individuals got past both police as well as private event security. Those members of Anonymous tried to make their way onto the stage during one of the biggest moments of the show.

When the award for best director was being presented, the three Anonymous members wearing their masks tried to climb up on stage from the orchestra seats in the front of the venue. Private security for the event managed to grab all three before they could actually get on the stage.

At the same time as all of this was going on, other members of Anonymous were busy attacking the website for the Spanish film academy. The attack was done in protest of Ley Sinde, which is a law very similar to SOPA that would give the power to kill all kinds of websites without a court order. Anonymous also posted contact information for actors, actresses and directors who supported that law.

It is incredibly gutsy to try to physically interrupt a major event in the film industry this way. Those three members of Anonymous attempting to get on stage clearly weren’t satisfied with just taking down webpages. Time will tell if other members decide to get bolder and venture outside of the confines of the Internet.