DVD Ranger loses lawsuit from Sony, comes with new Cinavia solution

The developers of DVDRanger claim to have lost a lawsuit from Sony and have announced a new solution to bypass the Cinavia protection. On their website they state that they are working on a new technology which they call CinEx. This is a filter that according to the DVDRanger developers should discard any disturbances of Cinavia in audio tracks.

DVD Ranger loses lawsuit from Sony, comes with new Cinavia solution

With a beta release of CinEx should also come a whitepaper about the Cinavia protection. The code of the initial module had to he handed over to Sony and is therefor lost, according to the developers.

The release of a Cinavia removing module of DVDRanger has been heavily delayed and is part of an ongoing discussion on our forums in which the company behind DVDRanger also contributes.  The authors first stated that there was a bug that delayed the release of the software and afterwards stated to be suffering from legal actions from Sony.

On their website they write that they  have offered their technology to other software developers but that none of them was interested.

Due to the heavy delays many members doubt that the Cinavia module exists and works. The company also released videoclips from which the Cinavia protection was removed to proof that they are able to remove Cinavia. Nevertheless there remained a lot of skepticism around the software and the only way to win credits again is by releasing a working solution.

The Cinavia protection works by preventing playback of protected Blu-Rays and DVDs on newer Blu-Ray players by incorporating a watermark that is checked against a key which is part of the AACS protection. For example, if  a pirate would use a camera to record a movie in a movie theater, the protection would see a movie theater watermark, instead of a consumer movie watermark and if it finds something else than it expects it will stop playback of the disc.